MOA awarded $120,000 Recreational Trail Program Grant

Moosehead Outdoor Alliance (MOA) was recently awarded a $120,000 Recreational Trail Program Grant from the Maine Bureau of Parks and Land! These funds, along with some other local generous donations, will allow MOA to begin construction on zone 2 trails in the Little Moose Public Land! All this work is being coordinated with a professional trail builder and the current plan is to build 5 miles of trail in 2023 and another 5 miles in 2024. These trails will include intermediate and advanced trails, all within easy riding distance from town!
Zone 2 will be a great complement to the already completed zone 1 trail system at Gravel Pit Pond. These trails are beginner and intermediate and will total approximately 12 miles when the final loop is completed in the spring! These trails are also easily accessible from town and will have their own parking trailhead less than a mile from downtown Greenville!
Finally, a new kiosk and more signage will be added to the trail system this spring, and we will be on Trailforks by spring 2023 too!
We will keep you posted on upcoming fundraising events and of course some fun group rides and other activities that will start up again in June 2023!
These are exciting times as MOA and Piscataquis County NEMBA work together to build and maintain over 25 miles of mountain bike trail in the Greenville area!
For more information or to help become part of this amazing project, please contact:
Chuck Wagenheim for information about MOA: [email protected]
Naomi Wernick for information about our NEMBA chapter: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
A rough outline of trails to be built in Zone 2